Tuesday 4 November 2008

Will Never Forget You...

Never, ever.

This is originally a Greek song - Iraqi version by the Iraqi Guitarist Saif Shaheen.

We had guitarists then, before your fucking liberation. Now, we have nothing.

We go on you tube or some old video, rummaging through and trying to find things and catch up so we can remember. We have even formed groups and archives, so we can remember who we are. What have you done ? Do you realize what you have done ?

Now that we are "free", everything is forbidden.

God, how can I not hate you ??? Ya Allah, I hope all of you rot in hell for having stripped us from everything...everything, even a song.

And I dedicate this one, found on youtube after much search -- to my friends in Greece. They stood by me/us while we lost it all. And they have remained ever since...