Thursday 2 July 2009

On Stupidity...

Sorry to give it to you straight but a good majority of people are stupid.
Yep, you read me right - stupid.

Now what do I mean by stupidity ?

I am not into IQ's. I personally scored very low in one of them. I must be very dumb myself...

So stupidity for me has got nothing to do with low IQ's. Even though you may beg to differ and not in my favor...

Stupidity has nothing to do with the absence of "emotional intelligence" either.

Nor is Stupidity related to genetic predispositions, environment or level of education or lack thereof...

Stupidity for me is lack of insight. Simple.

And since insight is available to all, stupidity is only a temporary state.

You can decide to become insightful today, if you wish. If you choose that option, I can guarantee you that you will learn everything you need to learn, first about yourself, and secondly about the world around you. But you need to want it first.

I like the word insight. IN-SIGHT.

You will see what you need to see and consequently you will understand what needs to be understood. Because your way of seeing, your vision will be altered...

So stupidity is not a terminal illness. But most people are stuck in that state until the day they die...What a bloody waste and what an insult to the endless possibilities of Insight offered to you, at no cost.

However, to ask for insight, requires apart from willingness -- it requires courage. Because what you will see, will radically change your life but always for the good...ultimately. It also requires openness to receive - allowing.

That's all.

You need no training course, no higher studies, no Phd's, no gurus, no teachers...

You just need the committed, truthful, sincere, daily willingness, the courage and the openness to receive.

We call that state (of non-stupidity) in Arabic - Ayn Al Yaqeen. The State, Vision -- The Eye of Certainty.