Wednesday 12 October 2011

A Fake Democracy.

Social media (facebook, twitter, and all the rest of the crap )is one of the shittiest things I have ever come across.

It gives you the illusion that everyone is weighty in its own right. Fuck that shit 3/4 of the people out there are fucking garbage. Oh sure they have opinions, so does my cat. My cat has an opinion too.

Most are either students and about to graduate, young, stupid, ignorant oh but they talk with such assurance and they know shit...they fucking know nothing.

And malgré soi, you are caught in this game of ignorance...trying to disprove fucking riff raff.

Who are these people ? what are their experiences ? what are their credentials ? no one knows...

But it is assumed that we ought to believe fucking titles like -- am so and so and am an intellectual. Intellectual of what you piece of crap ?! you can't even spell properly !

Or, am so and so and am an activist for such and such cause - you are no fucking activist, you are either on some payroll or you're there to fucking blow your own horn.

Maybe am getting too old for that kind of fucking crap and maybe that's not a bad thing either.