Sunday 9 October 2011

Sakina & Sukut

Have always been fascinated by this Arabic Word - Sakina (whose Hebrew equivalent is Shekhinah).

As you know, for me words are road maps. So Sakina is no exception.

Sakina the noun means "Peace and Tranquility", a DESCENDED peace and tranquility is derived from the verb SAKANA.

Sakana : verb and Yaskoon (the act of) means to Dwell, to Reside in.

Sakan : noun - means a Home.(also called Maskan) (Bayt is House not Home)

Sukoon : besides being a grammatical consonant placed after vowel to "mute it", it also means a Peaceful Silence.

Saken : the adjective - means quiet, peaceful, tranquil.

and Maskeen - understood as a "poor/naive/gullible/meek" person, is also derived from Saken.

Interestingly the verb to be silent is Sakata.

You can see the same etymological roots there between Sakana and Sakata.

Sakata : verb - the act of being silent
Sakkata : verb - to silence someone
Saket : adjective - to be silent
Sukut : noun - Silence

I am not sure why I wrote that, but am sure it will be clearer by tomorrow.
Will continue insha'Allah.