Thursday 13 October 2011

Finding Oneself or the Quest for Gold.

If you found yourself, it's because you searched for it, and if you searched for it, it's because you lost it along the way...

I am a believer in the hypothesis that each one has a unique mission / contribution to make. It does not have to be grand in the common understanding of the word but it's you. And whatever comes from the Authentic self is Grand.

Unearthing the Authentic Self is work. It's like digging for Gold. You need to get dirty, wet muddy, be in the waters up to your waist (even higher up)and patiently sieve...until the Authentic emerges...because it's always been there.

It's years of undoing what's been done. It's the tearing apart of false beliefs, injunctions, mental constructs/systems, fake values, fake priorities, fake images... it's the cleaning away of all the mental pollution, the mental parasites, the mental forced feeding, the means as a first step -- no longer escaping, running away...

The Quest for Gold, I found, requires walking into the Kaaba and destroying all the idols Inside.

You'll know when you've found it, because everything will become effortlessly aligned. You'll know when you've found it, because it will feel like Home.