Saturday 18 February 2012

A Dark Chapter in Women's Souls. 4.

Hopefully this will be the final part of a 4 part series on this miserable topic.  I say miserable because the perpetrator is also a miserable subject. In the long run, and looked at it from above, these kind of women are not only miserable but also tediously dull...anyone whose life is so empty must be. But then that's their problem not mine.

So the examples given in my previous post were to illustrate that ; regardless of who, what, how you are, these kind of poisonous females will always find something to jealous or envy. You may be rich, poor, pretty, ugly,  fat, thin, married, single, with children, without children, young or really doesn't matter -- envious/jealous women will always find something to envy in others. Always.

One may argue that envy/jealousy is part of human nature and surely we have all suffered pangs from it. Yes, true. However, when envy/jealousy becomes chronic, it becomes a pathology - a state of being. And that is when it becomes poisonous. And yes some women suffer from CHRONIC envy and jealousy

Pop psychology wants us to believe that the reason behind this pathological state is insecurity with self and a general dissatisfaction with oneself and with life (be it material, physical, emotional, intellectual sexual). Even though they may be some truth to these assertions, I believe the problem lies elsewhere.

This pathology and it is a pathology even though some women may not realize they have it - and there's absolutely no point trying to show them that they have it, because their first line of defense is denial or emotional blackmail/manipulation with --  "how could you possibly think that of me" trying to take you on a guilt trip. Forget that. Your instincts were right all along.  These are women who are just jealous in a sick kind of way and do not want you to succeed in any one aspect that they covet for themselves or where they feel they are lacking.

And this is where the psychological explanations are incomplete - the key word here is "lack".  And this is where this poisonous pathology is not only an emotional/mental problem but also a moral and spiritual one. And alas pop psychology is interested in neither.

Envy/Jealousy was considered one of the  cardinal sins of the soul --- why is that ? I will tell you why (at least insofar as I understand it) -- because not only does it hurt the recipient (as I explained in previous posts) and not only does it ultimately and eventually hurt the "giver" of this vile energy, but also because the subject who lets herself go, slip into this mental attitude/ state of being BELIEVES in LACK.

Which means that this woman is CUT OFF from her spiritual center, which means that this woman believes that there isn't enough to go round, which means that this woman is denying ABUNDANCE. And Abundance is one Divine attribute.  To deny one attribute of the Divine is to deny the Divine for the Divine is known in and by His Attributes.

So this mental pathology is basically a SICKNESS of the SOUL. A sickness of the soul is a DISEASE of the HEART . As the Koran says - and those in whose hearts there is a disease. Envy/Jealousy is one of them.

The remedy is in my opinion first and foremost a spiritual one and the key word for this remedy lies in another word - GRATITUDE. These women are usually not only dissatisfied with their own lives, but they are also ungrateful for what they already have/possess. So instead of practicing gratitude for what they got, they covet what others have - and instead of learning about their own selves, and what is blocking their lives and removing these blocks, they look outside of themselves. poisoning other women's lives and theirs in the process...

Now one may argue intra-male relationships also suffer from the same - possibly so. I am not a man and I don't exactly know since I have not experienced how men deal with each other. So I will leave the male reader draw his own conclusions on that subject.

And before I wrap up,  there remains an important question here, bearing in mind what I've said in my 4 posts on this matter ---  knowing the reality of intra-female jealousy (no am not in denial about that shadow aspect of the Feminine), what does female solidarity really mean and does it really exist ?

Or does female solidarity only exist if you are miserable "in need of saving" ?

I will stop here do the rest of the thinking.

And to all the females who have poisoned my life with their toxic energy -- Am today free of you but you're not free of your selves.