Tuesday 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day Bullshit.

Am escaping from the Twitter bullshit with 10004582525520456362 tweets per second on Valentine.  Everyone is suddenly so amorous.

People are such idiots, they oscillate between puppets on a string and good pavlovian dogs, you pull one string or ring one bell, and they will dance or salivate for you...today is drooling day.

So much sheer pure undiluted crap has been written about "love", today the crap exceptionally stinks big time as the old Persian proverb says - don't stir old shit, it will smell worse.

It's not that I have anything against love, or anything along these lines. Quite the opposite I believe that Love is the force that drives you...but not the kind of love that is being sold today or any other day for that matter of fact.

Nor do I have anything against expressing your love for whoever today, with a bouquet of flowers or renewing your commitment...quite the opposite, but today if there's anything called Valentine, your expression of "love" should be the cherry on top on a cake not the cake itself...nor is it some mush horseshit where you rush to the nearest shop to buy your "token" of love.

People don't understand that they are psychologically  trained/ prepared in advance, before that St.Valentine crap day, to go into amorous mode so they can buy that card, that ring, that bouquet, that whatever...

Why wait for the 14th of February to demonstrate your love ? You are ridiculous and that's putting it mildly...

All this nonsense spewed on the topic of "love" makes me nauseous. I know way too much about how people act, think, and behave to believe that nonsense. I have seen way too much poisonous, toxic, relationships of all kinds to believe that you can redeem your love on the 14th of February. I know way too much about human nature, the hidden and the overt to believe in mush sentimentalism...

I believe in intention and in action. I believe that love is to care and the day I stop caring, is the day I stop loving. And caring is not limited nor reduced to words.  All the rest of sugar coated parables, the rose watered declarations mean nothing to me if throughout the rest of the year, you have behaved worse than an ass...carelessly tramping, slyly manipulating, grotesquely using, parasitically living off, willfully lying and the rest of the abominations that characterize "human" relations. What were your intentions and actions before St Valentine's and what are they after this date....this is what counts and this the bottom line.

All the rest is not even third grade cheap hallmark cards poetry, the rest is just Bullshit. And today it smells particularly bad.

Now if you excuse me, I promised a friend I will cook for him today, not because it's Valentine's but because I care to feed him.