Sunday 26 April 2009

A Conspiracy...

Listen, am not quite sure who is behind it, but am sure there is a conspiracy to keep people scared and in consequence, isolated from one another...

Before, when you met someone and you were interested in having a closer and serious relationship, you'd think to yourself - hmmm I wonder : Any STDS?, any incurable stuff ? diabetes maybe ? how about coronary disease ?

Now these are things of the past - nearly.

Now you wonder if they have a latent prion like Creusfeld-Jakob, lodged in their brain cells as in Mad Cow disease, or a latent, resistant strain of Bird Flu or if they ever dealt with Swine before...

(Mind you, you can always opt for 100% vegetarian, I am not sure that will solve the problem, though.)

I received a mail from an M.D friend of mine offering me and others some tips on how to protect ourselves from the Swine/Pig Flu pandemic.

- Keep your homes very well ventilated
- Take Vitamin C. and copper tablets
- Stock on masks
- Stock on disinfectant
- Avoid going out as much as possible...

Now if this is not Isolation, I don't know what is.

I guess, you can just sit behind your computer and type away nonsense instead, or maybe strike up online "friendships" and/or "romance" with perfect strangers...deluding yourself with - I will never catch anything that way. No latent germ, no cunning bacteria, no sneaky worms, no lethal virus...

Well, guess what ? There are no guarantees. You may very well end up as infected as your computer.

Did I say Conspiracy ?

P.S: A thought -- Why don't they design huge size condoms, we can all dress up in one and walk about -- scare free.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Saad Ali.