Saturday 11 April 2009

That's about it. 2 - Oh "pretty baby"

You may consider this post a continuation of my previous one...some sort of appendix, an addendum..."an extra" - not quite.

Did I not tell you, I've just about seen it all ?!

Guess what now ? I opened my mail, and some dick called Charlie from the u.s of a. sent me a mail. His mail consisted of " Stop yer bitchin " and "mebbe u need sum".

Okay, America, when will you learn how to fucking spell ?

But the "best" bit was that "Charlie" attached two digital pictures of his....ahemm, dick.

Yep, "Charlie" actually went to great length to send me two pictures of his penis in some upright position.

Thanks for the laugh "Charlie" - I really needed a joke tonight and you provided it. Not that I don't appreciate your "efforts".

Excuse me "Charlie" but do you call that a dick ? Yeah I know it is real, but frankly...could you not do any better ?

And what is so upright about it ? It looks like a dead vegetable to me.

Listen, am not holding it against you. I mean, we all have our issues and problems, but may need to reconsider your exihibitionist ain't doing the trick...Charlie.

I am not aghast and am not shocked...I just think you may need some major reconstructive plastic surgery.

No Charlie am not impressed...

And since am at it , did you really have to take a picture of your hairy bulging belly too ? Damn it man, you look like a fucking gorilla without the F. Ever thought of waxing that belly and a few abs exercises ? Won't do you any harm you know.
One may actually get to see that dead veggie you took great lengths in exposing...

But Charlie, am truly mesmerized...


If this is the state of your dick, I can't even fanthom what the state of your face is...

But hey listen, don't take it sure deep down you must be quite a "pretty baby ".