Friday 10 April 2009

That's about it .1

I've just about seen it all...honestly I have. There is nothing new you can impress me with. There is nothing new you can lull, seduce, entice, enthrall me with... Yeah am kind of jaded. Occupations, murder and mayhem do that to you. Sitting on the fucking fringes do that to you. Rape, torture and Death do that to you. Nothing shocks you anymore, nothing moves you anymore, nothing titillates you anymore...You've just about seen it all. No mystery left. You have uncovered every fucking dark corner of that rotten thing called the human psyche, you have seen it, experienced it, tasted it, felt it, sensed it, observed it...

Too fucking common, too fucking predictable, too fucking ugly, too fucking sad...too much darkness, too many shadows, too many lies...yet by some move, some reflex, some instinct, you keep a corner of your heart and mind free of clutter, awaiting Grace. Because this is what it will take -- GRACE. You dig your hand, push your fingers in that corner every now and then and check if the jar has filled up or not yet...You check so you can continue...hoping against hope that you will be proved wrong, for once.

Ah the human condition, the abject human condition. Sometimes, if you have not already gone insane with too much reality, you feel like taking them by their collars and shake them so hard...wake up you motherfuckers, wake up - can't you see ?!

But most of the time you end up pissing in the winds...or like we say in Iraqi - a pee in an ocean. But the idea that this jar may fill up, makes you go are stuck but some invisible hand keeps pushing you...and secretly you keep hoping that it's not just about it.