Thursday 23 April 2009

An Orphan's song.

I like this song by the late, Ahmet Kaya. The lyrics of this song -- Where is my Youth ? -- are from the poem by the late Turkish poet, Yusuf Hayaloglu.

I found this only translation on the web.

Where is my youth
My marbles, my teetotum
My shirt that was ripped on the cherry tree
They have stolen my chilhood not knowing
I have stayed without window, mum
My kite has got caught in the wires
Where is my youth

What exists that burns this youth
Like bread, like love
What exists for goodness
That I have shared, I have grown up
What a diffucult paradox this is, mum
I have fallen down wolves dinner table
Where is my youth

Where is my joy
My aquarium,my canary
My cactus that I care much
They have taken my books without a word
The walls are not speaking, mum
Not any door stands open, mum
Where is my youth

Save up the rains, mum
I caught fire in the time, fire
Where is my youth