Sunday 13 June 2010

About Layla Anwar - the Controversial Iraqi Woman. 1

My what a pompous title - makes me blush with embarrassment.
Well this post is SORT of a reply to Hussein Anwar's posts/ tribute - if I can call it a tribute, about me.

First I'd like to thank him for having taken the time to write about Layla Anwar. I really don't know what got into him and he did tell me that he would do so, I said that I wanted to know nothing about it as it would feel am blowing my own trumpet and am not too good at doing that. It just feels odd and yes pompous.

I mean I receive emails, read other blogs and these folks do nothing but praise infinitum. It always struck me at best as strange behavior and at worst as a huge ego self narcissistic trip.

But since Hussein Anwar opened the pandora box, and it is a pandora box, I shall take the liberty of not so much replying to him or defend myself, as I feel I don't need to defend myself - I mean who is judge, jury and verdict here ?

What I would do is use some of his points, and elaborate on them, away from me, to more general issues and perceptions. I think that way, all can benefit, maybe even himself.

But first, I would like to say that I was touched by his words...some brought me to tears, some made me laugh, some were amusing, and some had a double edge sword to them and these did not go unnoticed either.

But above all I'd like to say to him that he is the only Iraqi who publicly acknowledged and who publicly thanked me for all of my efforts. And that shall never be forgotten.