Sunday 13 June 2010

Much To Say About Nothing...

It's past 4 am. Can't sleep. It's too hot and I don't believe in ACs. I hate ACs. ACs leave me stiff like a log...but I can't take the heat either...

So I can't sleep, so I use this blog as a diary...I kind of like the idea of having an online diary. Why not indeed ?! Other people's shit is not more interesting than mine. Their trivia is not any deeper and their rants are not more intelligent...

So yes, maybe I will turn this thing into a diary. I'll see how it goes. It's my space, my blog, I can do whatever I want and surely I need not give any explanations.

I did Fuck All today - literally.

I was supposed to go for a walk, I was supposed to clean the apartment, I was supposed to go shopping for food, I was supposed to finish writing a report, I was supposed to work on my so-called fiction, I was supposed to polish my nails, I was supposed to finish my post about cooking, I was supposed to go swimming...but I did FUCK ALL - all day.

Yet curiously enough, I felt so busy doing Fuck All. How to explain that ?

Well I did write that post about Iraq -- it left me drained and empty...

I wish I can change my life around, like re-write the script all over again, with everything I know today, right up to this minute -- alas that is not possible.

Another thing that is draining me is this wanker I met some time ago, and who keeps harassing me with his idiotic text messages, text messages that go like hey Layla, am having a cup of hot choco, want some ? Kid you not - this is how moronic this guy is. Well when I first met him he did not come across as a moron, just as a smooth talker, who was just full of bullshit, as I later found out --the retard bit came later. Or as they say in America - he's got issues I mean don't you just love it how things are done in America. Someone is raving mad, insane, a psycho, a lunatic and they say in the politically correct lingo of theirs with their nasal shit of an accent - " he's got issues"

Anyways, I should have never given him my number - big mistake. Now he's stuck to my ass like fucking glue.

One would think that with all this "attention" am getting, I'd be sharing my bed with some passionate lover...nah, all I get are fucked up morons. Is it karmic or what ? I mean, maybe I was some evil motherfucker in some past life and am paying the price today. Why oh why are all the men I meet such fucking losers ?!

I was told you need to kiss a few toads before meeting the prince. Fuck that shit. I have a whole pond of toads and no prince in sight.

Another Miss Cinderella, Miss Snow White complex ? I think not...I just think that most Arab and Eastern men are just very screwed up -- that about sums it up.

Toads aside, this bloody mosquito landing on my keyboard is irritating the shit out of me...another piece of glue stuck to my ass.

OK woman do you have anything positive to jot down in your past 4 am diary ?

Hmm not really Sir.

Then keep your peace and shut the fuck up.

OK Sir.

Good night

Good night Sir.