Tuesday 15 June 2010

About Layla Anwar - the Controversial Iraqi Woman. 3

So getting back to Layla Anwar...

Hussein Anwar mentioned at some point in his 1st post that I was very anti-male, like VERY.

Nope, not true General. Am not anti-male. I am anti male assholes. Meaning that I am anti men who abuse their powers, their privileges, their positions, their sex to abuse, demean, harass, betray, lie, cheat, repress, control, etc...in short inflict harm -- all types of harm on women, limit them, and subjugate them because of their sex.

I know that women can be bitches, I've met many bitches. But as a gender group, women are not as destructive as men. This is most evident during times of wars and occupations, the first victims are the little ones and the women.

Why is that ? Why is it that what is traditionally considered the most vulnerable, or the weaker sex, becomes the recipient of so much male wrath, abuse, dispossession, neglect, etc...

Why is that during such times the bestiality of men shows itself the most, comes to the forefront and exposes their true nature ? If men are by nature protective, then how come they are capable of so much harm against the so-called weaker sex ?

Why is that men in their frustration, be it sexual, political, psychological, whatever, lash out on women the most....rape, domestic violence, moral violence and the rest ? Why is it ?

What has gone wrong ? What has gone wrong with men ?

So no am not anti-men, I've met some good decent men, I had them in my family, I have them as friends, but these kind of men are a minority. They truly are a minority.

Taking my blogging experience as some form of yardstick to illustrate...

The amount of threats, death, rape, torture, all with very strong sexual connotations, I received are beyond anyone's imagination. I am not talking of a couple of mails, I am talking of literally hundreds. From Americans, Brits, Arab men -- you name it I had it...

Again that beast comes to the forefront, as if I was in a state of occupation, of war online, in the virtual...yet in my posts, no particular individual was mentioned, I left it at generalities. I'd say -- men, women, Arabs, Americans, Brits...but it did not matter...because I had hit a raw nerve, a truth, somewhere. I was perceived as a woman with a voice, a woman that reminded them of everything they hated about women with a voice, it reminded them of how small and insecure they are, it reminded them that a female voice can actually expose their impotence - political, moral and maybe sexual too. (most probably)

I even had one guy send me pictures of his dick. No kidding. He actually took several pictures of his dick and sent them to me, quite ugly fellow I must say. Well his dick was - if he can call that a dick.

Others tried the seductive route, the flowery emails, only to pour their psychosis and violence in between the lines...

So yes I learned even more about men through this medium...here -- they are themselves. The anonymity allows them to unleash that fear, that malevolence that is buried deep inside their guts against women and not any kind of women - it had to be an Arab woman and an Iraqi one.

They probably thought to themselves as the "predators"(haha) they are - here is a woman, she writes openly, she has something to say, but she must be vulnerable, she is here pouring her feelings therefore she must be somewhere "weak", she is an easy target, a "soft" target.

Oh poor dickheads, my very poor dickheads... what a surprise you were in for. Come on admit it. You were in for a huge fucking surprise - because you did not manage to defeat me -- not physically, not morally, not psychologically, not politically...
But what you did manage to do, is show the depth of your own hideousness, your immeasurable ugliness.

So this is where the crux lies....the minute a man perceives what he thinks to be a "strong" woman, his immediate reaction is fight or flight.

Now fight comes under different forms and flight does too. Men know what am talking about here.

Hence it does not surprise me, that even Hussein Anwar used the following terms to describe me - evil, malicious, rude, harsh, bitch...adding -- she was not that way, but you turned her that way.

Then he said at some point in his second post, Layla Anwar reminds me of the strong mother I had or the school teacher who was strict but caring.

Another projection is it not ? Another image. I am either the evil malicious woman/witch or the strong mother/teacher...one has to be destroyed and the other? destroyed as well ? conquered ? submitted to ?

I am sure Hussein Anwar was unaware of this dichotomous thinking. And he wrote in good faith. But it was interesting to note.

In any case these images are so common, these archetypes of the Feminine are so common, and am sure many men battle with them...daily. I just hope that they realize that they are first and foremost battling with themselves.

And the second thing I hope through my "anti-male" writings, is that men wake up to their true higher calling, to what they were truly created and destined for, and accomplish that "spiritual" mission, for themselves and for the women in their lives.