Sunday 13 June 2010

About Layla Anwar - the Controversial Iraqi Woman. 2

I am actually using the same title Hussein Anwar used for his posts. Except he called me a "lady". Which is nice. I am not too sure what a lady is though. Maybe because in my mind ladies are associated with the protocol title of 1st ladies, wives of heads of states and other political characters, and I think of Barbara Bush, Condi Rice, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Tzipi Livni, and others, like Allawi's wife and Chalabi's wife were called first ladies and today Maliki's wife is called the first lady of Iraq (I want to cry)...and I shake my head with a -- no, no.

Or maybe because the word lady at least as commonly believed -- conjures up the image of some distant woman, reserved, well polished, prime and proper, who does not get her hands dirty, and has this aura of snobbery around her...and that too makes me shake my head with a no, no.

And it brings back other images of "ladies", which I will not go into now in great details, suffice to call them "high class hookers", using their names, charms, beauty, get where they need to get to and are eventually bestowed with the lady title. Again, a definite no, no.

What am really trying to say is that there are no ladies and no sirs in this world.
And if the title of lady or sir is used as a sign of respect -- then they better start EARNING that respect.

And as I said, this post and the coming ones are not ABOUT ME per se, even though the title points in the opposite direction. Maybe it's just a bait. We will see where it goes....

I have no coherent plan, no draft form, no synopsis and no pre-given conclusions...I shall write as the inspiration takes me. Short or long post, I don't know either...number of posts are a total mystery as well. And that's the way I like it.