Thursday 24 June 2010

Working Class - my Butt ! 1

Working class this, working class that...truth is that people are people. The left loves glorifying the working class, as some mythical force that will bring this great change about...
What change ? This is all bullshit.

I had to have some working class men come and repair some things here, they are workers so I suppose you can call them working class, no?

Well, do you think that they are any different from any other class of men? Hell no.

Same shit different colors. Blue collar shit versus White collar shit, what difference is there? It's all the same shit collar.

The thing is these working class men that the left does not cease edifying and sanctifying, are part and parcel of the same overall political culture. They just want a bigger piece of the pie - which is fine. I have no problem with that.

But let me tell you something, they all aspire for that bigger piece, and that is no guarantee that they will not become ruling oppressing tyrants themselves, in turn oppressing others who are striving for yet another piece of the pie...

Anyways, leaving aside my simplistic version of Das Kapital, and getting back to the workers that visited me.

My mistake, my big mistake...I was too polite with them. I greeted them with a smile, offered them something to drink, patiently explained to them the problems that needed fixing -- I did not order them about, I was civil. Big mistake.

They took this civility as a green light, a sign of trespassing limits. Fact is, they noticed that there was no man about the house, no husband in sight, no patriarch, and no gorilla male to protect the territory...

They trespassed in some insidious ways, like dogs marking their own territory, something they would never dare do, had I been a man.

This is just one little example, I have tons of others, and I shall record them all...because piece by piece they complete the picture.

But let me stick to this one first, the most recent of the whole bloody working class lot.

One had to fix some electrical wall socket that was leaking and was causing a fuse. The other another leak in the drainage.

So here I was back and fro from kitchen to living room, and living room to kitchen.

While I was in the kitchen, asking the first worker, who was eying me up and down asking me questions that were none of his fucking business - my age, where my husband is, how many children I have, my nationality, am I renting or owning, etc -- all the while flicking his cigarette ashes on my kitchen floor, even though I provided him with an ashtray...which in retrospect, I should have smashed on his head instead -- breaking one drain pipe instead of fixing the one that needed fixing...and while his "assistant" was checking out the rest of my apartment, deliberately smoothing his tar filled hands on the white walls, the other crapola from the working class that is glorified by the red berets revolutionaries (who all incidentally are also dreaming of private mansions and swimming pools) was in the living room, supposedly fixing the electrical plugs.

And here I am on the brink of hysteria, with an eye on the wanker in the kitchen, another eye on his assistant who has deliberately ruined the walls with his filthy hands and dirty overalls, and a third eye on the other guy in the living room...and what do I see? You're not going to believe this, but am not exaggerating one bit. The guy was literally reclining on my couch, his legs stretched out, one arm behind his head, while the other hand was zapping on the TV remote control, his cigarette burning away in the ashtray...

What the Fuck ?!?!

- Excuse me what are you exactly doing ?
- Oh am just checking if the socket works, he replied, without flinching...

I saw RED, bright RED...I felt blood rushing to my head, and fire coming out of my nostrils...

- And why don't you check the socket while standing up mister ?
- uhh, oh, am done anyway...

Cutting a long story short, the luminaries -- respectable, respecting, glorified, working class men were expecting me to tip them -- over and above their hourly fees.

Now, had I been a man would they ever conduct themselves in this manner ? of course not...they would bow, bend, and comply...

Short Moral of the story -- Fuck your Marxism and Fuck your working class.