Sunday 13 June 2010


Wassikh in Arabic means dirty and comes from the verb Wassakha to dirty and the noun Wassakh meaning actual dirt.

Now if there is one thing I can't stand is dirty people. When I say dirty people I don't limit this concept to personal hygiene or to physical polluters...for me a dirty person is a person who is dirty INSIDE of himself and herself. And there are A LOT of VERY DIRTY men AND women out there. Plenty.

As a matter of fact finding a CLEAN person is a RARITY. It's like finding a diamond in thick mud or a needle in a haystack.

You see, many people try to be "nice" and take on this veneer of outward "kindness", and by God, I've been around and know people like the end of my own pocket. Do not trust appearances. Outer niceties and kindness are NOT necessarily a proof of inner cleanliness. People are just a bunch of fucked up hypocrites, always trying to make a good impression because they always have some ulterior motive, a gain...any gain...from material to non material.

And if there is ONE thing this blogging business taught me, it taught me the EXTENT of the dirt in people. My enemies -- I know them like the back of my hand, but God protect me from my "friends" and "sympathizers", the men and the women and in particular the women...a man is easy to figure out, he's dead easy to figure out, it takes me in reality maximum one hour, in the virtual world, a couple of emails or comments, but women are something else.

Now am not talking about female enemies on the front line, because hey it is a battle out talking about so called female "friends". Again am decent here, because I can expose their names one by one...and go into great details of their ploys, plots, games, conniving, ego trips, lies, envy, spitefulness, and immense jealousy...immense.

Women who are jealous of other women are STUPID, they are profoundly STUPID. I don't mean women who are jealous about a male partner from other women, I mean women who are jealous of another woman regardless of the presence of a male. These females are parasites, they try to sap your energy, sap your being, sap everything about you...

And once I put an X, a cross on someone, male or female, there is NO POWER on earth, that will make me backtrack. The deal is over. I do not do dirt. I do not deal with dirt in personal relationships. I refuse dirt in my life.

I hope the message reaches loud and clear.