Wednesday 23 June 2010

Random Thoughts - not so.

I've been without a computer for 3 days and it just felt...WONDERFUL. Stress free and peaceful...

I did not have to check my mail every 3 hours, did not have to answer queries, requests, expectations, etc...I FELT FREE. By God I did.

Fucking technology...all this bloody technology - computer, cell phones, landlines, text messages, calls, emails, messengers, webcams, chats, blue tooth, white tooth, black tooth, black berry, ipod, ipad, all this shit...what's all this shit for ?

One would have thought that with all this communication technology, we'd all be on the same know, like get closer, communicate intently, make a difference in the world...

Bombarded with stuff from all sides, is exhausting, saps your energies, draws life out of you, the parasites of technology...false closeness, false intimacy, false everything.
Nothing beats the acid test of Reality. NOTHING

I hope my computer crashes again, big time and does not get repaired at all...alternatively I can just log off, for a long time, but knowing me I'd be possessed by this sense of urgency...
Another illusion.

And the thing is just because I happen to be online more frequently than not, am not a receptionist nor a secretary here. Meaning I am under no obligation to reply to every single demand, request that is sent my way.

OK enough, I'd rather go and listen to some music now.