Friday 7 January 2011

Can't get over it

It's been nearly 8 years, can't accept it and can't get over it...

I am so dumbfounded that Iraqis are not realizing the extent of the destruction...they are blinded by sect, by their fucking ayatollahs, imams and sheikhs....

I can't believe how desolate we have become, how desperate, how lost...I can't fucking believe it.

I am disgusted with Iraqi men who have forfeited us, am disgusted with all of them. I want, need to throw up in their faces as a sign of revolt.

I see them outside with their fucking cigars, their sports car, their designer clothes, these nouveaux riches whores and pimps...I see our blood all over their fucking ugly faces, over their computers, and internet and doooooolars. They can't even fucking pronounce the word dollar...

These cunts of the occupation, opportunistic motherfuckers...I fucking hate all of them...these are the ones the Americans love alongside with the Shia cunts...the Americans adore them, because they are spineless whores, easily bought and easily sold...just like your average american...your average american - what is your average american, but some wanking, numbed, overweight dick who is still trying to figure out where his balls are...and the american woman, did I say woman ? oh am so sorry...must have been a typo.

They make me violently nauseous.

Yours truly disgusted.