Saturday 29 January 2011

Not so Smart.

Finally, finally, finally...seriously and rigorously tested the "smart" phone, nothing smart about them, or maybe there's nothing smart about me.

Ohhh, Ahhh, touch screen...smooth skin.

Did you ever use a touch screen in your life ? I tell you, a catastrophe. You touch the A, you get a Y, you touch the M you get a C, you touch an X you get an L.

And that damn thing keeps taking your picture without your consent. Here you are lying in bed, and you're just fiddling around with it, you know, some kind of preliminary and it just pounces on your face and clicks itself, flashing at you in the dark. Then it starts vibrating and ringing all over the place. You think to yourself - my that was quick.

Anyways, that damn thing keeps pressing my wrong buttons. Let's take the smart out of Phone and out of me.