Friday 21 January 2011

Transistor Men...

I've written about this matter more than once but I feel this great urge to do so again.

For me as a woman, nothing is more off putting than a man who monopolizes a whole conversation, like hours of a "conversation".

He talks, talks and talks some more...he talks non fucking stop. Regardless of the topic, he has to talk, always, all the time...It is either his most favorite subject - himself, or any other subject for that matter...

This type of man has swallowed a radio, a transistor. He has a chronic case of verbal diarrhea.
He thinks he's interesting, or witty or informed, all he shows is that he is a lousy listener, a self centered ego maniac who does not give a hoot about the person in front of him, and who uses his interlocutor as some dumping ground, some sounding board for his "fascinating" shit.

The message that this type of man sends: I am only interested in hearing myself talk.

It is not the talking that bothers, it's the total lack of dialog. It's non existent.

Men like that ought to refrain from dating, calling or whatever the fuck they intend to do, when in the throes of their verbal trots. Try some Imodium, works wonders with the runs. Short of that, just shut the fuck up.