Wednesday 5 January 2011

The Internet Generation

I need to calm down a little from the other post, that I left half way.

I am wondering if there's any point me writing on this blog at all? From what I've managed to gather after all those years, and from the comments, echoes, messages, mails, etc...I've been receiving for the past 5 years, I can tell that this audience is a youngish, politically immature, inexperienced, ignorant and a very uneducated one.

It's like they collectively share the age of a 13 year old - politically, philosophically, psychologically, some pimpled students who get their knowledge and life experiences from the internet...some idiots who get all excited from an article or a piece of news believing they figured it out all, discovered the ultimate truth in that masturbatory brain of theirs...

I am wasting my energy here, my energy, talents and skills on fucking retards.