Sunday 2 January 2011

Mind Over Matter

This Room is cold, can't sleep. Will very likely raise hell later on today to Ze Management, who will present Ze excuses, and most likely the heating won't get fixed...knowing how everyone operates around here.

I tried taking my mind off the fact that it's cold, by working the mind over matter principle. Has not worked yet, my feet are frozen. Impossible to fall asleep with cold feet. Mind you, I would never fall for anyone with cold feet either...but that's another matter.

I remembered this mind over matter thing - my first introduction to it was when a friend got me a t-shirt and on it was printed " Mind over matter. If you don't mind, it does not matter."

Funnily S.remarked yesterday, in a casual way - well he tried putting it as casually as possible. He said : You're weird. Things that really matter to others and they're willing to kill for, don't matter to you. And things that don't matter to others, matter to you.

He refused to get into specifics, even though I asked for concrete examples. He just said - it's an impression I get from you. And we left it at that.

During the ride, I thought about what he blurted, out of the blue. He's correct on that count.

There are many things people are willing to kill for (metaphorically speaking - so don't get all heated up) that totally fail to impress me. In other words, I don't give a damn. And there are other things that people totally neglect or hardly pay attention to, and for me these are the things I really care about.

I wonder what happened to that t-shirt. I must thank the giver again. And they better fix that damn heating soon.