Wednesday 26 January 2011

Seeking Refuge...

Both worlds bore me to tears.

The real and virtual world have the same effect on me. People bore me.

Even before they open their mouths, I can already tell them what they are about to tell me...I can already read their lips before they move them...

Has everything become so predictable ?

It's like a Stampa
a prepaid, preprepared seal,
the kind you order 2 weeks in advance,
the kind you stamp your letters with, a the bottom of a page or on the back of an envelop...

I already know the letter's content, however original the seal may be.

Has it got to do with a homogeneous mass culture, to the extent that everyone has become so very much the same, so alike ?

Like they've been molded, fabricated, by the same machine with a precise exactitude, on the same production line, like some index on a Dow Jones, like some indicator on the movement of a stock exchange...because this is what it feels like, exchanging one stock for a replica other.

Am still waiting to be enchanted.


Meanwhile I seek refuge from the crowd mentality, from the Devil of sameness, from the Shaitan of dullness, from the Iblis of duplicated stamps.