Wednesday 17 March 2010

A Personal Manifesto...

This is my Manifesto, it does not engage anyone is MY condensed philosophical observations after many years on planet earth...

I am going to keep on adding to this personal manifesto, after all it is my blog and I do what I bloody like...

These are my 10 + commandments.

1. Life is a Bitch and it has puppies
2. Don't get mad - get even
3. Love your neighbor only if he loves you back
4. An Eye for Eye and Justice is kind...
5. If you really have to turn the other cheek, prepare your kick...
6. If a man says "I love you" wait till his words sink into Action
7. People will treat you the way you treat yourself
8. There is life after death, so be prepared...
9. If you give, don't count
10. What really matters is the Who
11. Politics make the best of enemies and the worst of friends
12. Quality lasts, quantity evaporates...
13. Choose quality people over quantity faces
14. If it shines too much, don't trust it
15. People will tell you all kind of stories, believe only when your heart nods
16. Some things are simply unforgivable and you are not meant to forgive them
17. Humor is also a potent weapon
18. If you don't like the sound of your own music, change the tune
19. Speak to people in their own language or one that is closest to theirs
20. There's no point praying for a miracle if you don't believe in it
21. Miracles do happen when you believe with certainty then let go...
22. Love not based in Truth is not love, it's cheap sentimentalism
23. Sentimentalism is not Love
24. No one can complete you, they just make you more rounded
25. Marriage is a school not a romance trip
26. Solitude is the greatest teacher, provided you don't try to escape her
27. A man who is stingy with money is also stingy with his feelings
28. If a white woman tells you you need to be liberated, ask her what is it about her that needs liberating...
29. No one can teach you Freedom
30. Surrendering is a conscious choice - not to be confused with being a doormat
31. Not everyone will love, like or approve of you, expecting otherwise is stupidity
32. When on a different path, expect to be crucified for your difference
33. Most people take kindness for weakness, prove them wrong
34. Women give and forgive, men get and forget. If you're a woman, give with measure
35. If a man has cold feet, leave him to freeze...
36. Tough Love is sometimes the best Love you can give
37. Silence in the face of Injustice, is a mute DEVIL
38. You will get nothing from trivial people but trivialities
39. Earth is one manifestation of the Divine, you need to treat it with respect
40. Stand Upright if your conscience is clean
41. Of this am 100% sure, each soul will be held accountable for everything said, done and omitted
42. There's absolutely no point in asking a crooked person to walk straight
43. Those who can't walk straight will ALWAYS fall