Tuesday 15 March 2011

Immature Men.

I, as a full Woman, simply can't handle immature men. I can't. There is something in me that goes haywire with these type of men.

I thought about this extreme allergy I have, and why it is so. I thought deeply about it, and now I understand...

Immature men are the anti thesis of the Masculine principle. What does that mean ?

I means that the Masculine principle is the principle of Direction, Authority, Limits, Clarity, Protection, Guidance, Responsibility, Wisdom (Hikma in Arabic), the Vertical, the Aleph and more... but right now I will associate only the above characteristics.

An immature man, sexually, emotionally, mentally is the total opposite of the Masculine principle. I said men, not boys. That means men who are capable of building families must also be capable of exhibiting at least some of the Masculine principle traits. That necessitates SELF WORK. And self work requires SELF EXAMINATION.

By a certain age, a man should know what he wants in life. That means by a certain age, it is assumed that he has asked himself the IMPORTANT questions in Life.

This is grosso modo - the reader should use his/her brains and go deeper into the problematic, I can't explain everything in a blog post.

So what happens when I come face to face with the lack of the above ? I have to tap into my own reservoir of the Masculine Principle (we are all made of both Feminine and Masculine) to make up for the lack in the other. And who suffers in consequences ? The Feminine in me.

Femininity needs the masculine principle to blossom, bloom, and reach its full Essence. Its ontological state if you wish. This is the law of the Universe, of Nature, of Fitra in Arabic.

And when this lacks in the other (am not talking in absolute terms here, all is a question of balance), it is disconcerting for me, saps my energy, drains me, frustrates me, and pushes me into a role I am not quite sure I want to play...

And seeing that most men I come across have not even bothered to ask the important questions in Life, because they are too busy being "men" in the most limited sense of the word, you can imagine the consequences...