Wednesday 9 March 2011


Vacation, vacant, vacate - I like that word.

To vacate something, a vacant place...for me it means to leave behind, to leave walk away, move away, fly away...

I have not had a real vacation in ages...maybe 2 days here and 3 days there, but a REAL one, nope.

So what's a real vacation for me ? Vacate that place am in...not only physically vacate...change the place...move the body away - i.e move the physical and the mind will follow.

There is a Hadith by the Prophet Mohammed, Peace and Blessings upon him, and it says to the effect - if you feel stuck...change the country in which you live, if you can't, then change your home, and if you can't, then change the position of your bed.

What does that mean ? It means that if your energy is stagnating, make a physical change.

Vacate the place, the lieu, the dwelling, the space you inhabit, and if you can't do that, then change the position of your bed... meaning -- the position you always take.

Good wisdom...follow it.