Thursday 31 March 2011

No Lady.

This happened this evening...M. is a sweet woman, very generous, in her own way, she owns this cafe, her only source of livelihood. She gives it her best.

Here come this dick head, all violent...he insults M. for no reason..M is in her late 50's. You don't insult a woman you assholes, nor do you try to get aggressive with her.

M. is no spring chicken...but I intervened. I told the asshole of a dick...Have some shame you cunt. Harassing, insulting women is no sign of manhood. I said it in Arabic of course. It's more potent that way.

First the asshole calling himself a man was shocked by my "inappropriate" language... I repeated my ram it in his greasy stinking head of his...

And yeah the asshole dick, looked suave...he had all the right attire...but I rammed into him like he never existed... He was taken aback...he did not expect that from a "lady", or what looked like a "lady".

Got news for you assholes, am no lady at all....You harass a woman like M. like me, I will give it back to you ten fold...fearlessly so.