Friday 4 March 2011

Looking at the Positive...

One of the nicest, best inventions of this IT business or whatever the fuck you call it are the:

Block, delete, cancel, filter, refuse, decline, ignore... -- options.

I must say, had it not been for those, my life would be a living virtual hell by now.

There's not much more; emoticons, a 1000 exclamation marks, a 1000 question marks, tongues sticking, teeth shining through letters, icons, avatars, pictures, codes and encrypted shit I can take no more...

Stuff your LOL, your ROFL, your LMAO, your abbreviations, your smiley faces, your private messages, your public messages, your emails, your quotations, your remarks, your make believe, your online niceties, your caring sharing shit, your politically correct garbage, your opinions on everything and anything...oh and your fucking philosophical takes... Am not fucking interested.

You can shove it all up your fake asses, and hope you enjoy it too.

Now am going out for some real, hard fun and my middle finger says goodbye to you.