Friday 25 March 2011

Quote Unquote - "Spiritual"

People have this very naive almost stupid assumption that if someone is quote unquote "spiritual", then he or she is forcibly good...

This is the most ludicrous bullshit I have heard.

I remember J. J was very quote unquote "spiritual". He had altars in every single room of his house. He was often on his knees praying, and he mentioned God and his angels often...

But let me tell you something J was the nastiest, meanest, most dishonest, son of a bitch I ever came across in my whole life.

I kept wondering -- with all these outward manifestations of quote unquote "spirituality", and he's such a sore fucked up loser, what if he did not have any of it ?!

Then I remembered something so obvious -- Iblis, Shaytan, the Devil, was at some point. the closest to God.